Experience Matters

Jacqelle is an incredible community partner and champion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Omaha community. She truly understands the importance of culture and identity, and the impact on well-being and social and emotional learning on students and community members. In her capacity at OCM, she's been wonderful to work with as we plan for Afro Fest Omaha and the Dunia Youth Festival, never hesitating to offer ideas and support with resources and programming, to reach a valuable and yet under served and mostly unrepresented demographic in the city. She's a wonderful advocate and the type of leader who sees a need and steps in to help meet it without hesitation. Omaha is lucky to have her!
Judy K an Afro-enthusiast |grants And Financial Management Professional | Project Manager - jacqelle lane
Judy K
Afro-Enthusiast |Grants and Financial Management Professional | Project Manager
Since joining the Omaha Children’s Museum team, Jackie has been a true example of leadership and a reliable source for professional direction. As the VP of DEI&CQI, she has not only created initiatives to provide awareness on diversity in the workplace (though avenues like trainings and committee management), but she does a great job at encouraging others to take leadership in the continual evolving topic. She also leads the push on establishing and maintaining a quality standard of the museum, which will be vital in the sustainability of the museums brand and reputation from the inside out. Her intricate role / work at the museum is greatly appreciated.
Shaquire T. Jones the Traveling Exhibits Coordinator At Omaha Children's Museum - jacqelle lane
Shaquire T. Jones
Traveling Exhibits Coordinator at Omaha Children's Museum
I have had the pleasure to know Jacqelle for 6 years, and now get to work along side her every day at the Omaha Children's Museum. Her passion for DEIA and to provide a inclusive learning space in early childhood education has been evident the entire time I've known her. This passion led me to join the team here at OCM. Her approach with vigorous work ethic paired with compassion and understanding not only makes her shine bright, but provides the ability for the students and families she cares about so deeply to shine and thrive. Jacqelle approaches every effort whether it be big or small with the same tenacity and diligence. I am proud to not only call Jacqelle a coworker but a dear friend.
Josh Brink the Director Of Development - Omaha Children’s Museum - jacqelle lane
Josh Brink
Director of Development - Omaha Children’s Museum
As Vice President of the board of Owlish, Jacqelle has been a constant support to the organziation. She shares her intellegence, thoughtfulness and deep care for humanity with the organziation. Jacqelle has allowed Owlish to dream big and achive goals. She brings the rare gift of being a visionary and also an implementor. I am deeply grateful to work with, advocate with and create a better world with Jacqelle.
Heather H. - jacqelle lane
Heather H.
Celebrating + Honoring the Divine Feminine
Jacquelle is wonderful to work with in the DEI and Education leadership space. She is highly talented, collaborative and a community partner. She is full of energy and has the ability to build strong relationships. She is mindful of all the constituents she works with. I enjoy partnering and building ideas with her!
Dulce Sherman, Ma Chief Human Resources & Dei Officer, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative | Sherman Executive Consulting, Owner & Chief Executive Advisor - jacqelle lane
Dulce Sherman, MA
Chief Human Resources & DEI Officer, Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative | Sherman Executive Consulting, Owner & Chief Executive Advisor
Jacqelle is a unicorn. She has all the savvy and strategic thinking necessary to lead a team or organization, and she has all the empathy and genuine desire to help to inspire others to reach their goals and stretch their capabilities. I have had the privilege of working with Jacqelle on the board of Owlish, as well as some additional projects that have come our way. She has a way of reading a room with compassion and putting people at ease. Her leadership abilities and creative intellect, coupled with her belief in inclusion and equity, enable her to create imaginative and empathetic programs, to enable and empower the people around her, and to articulate a vision that is easy to believe in. She is an educator through and through and truly believes in the power of people to create change and improve lives. I cannot recommend Jacqelle highly enough as a speaker, mentor, and leader.
Sarah Phelps a Sparker. Facilitator. Trainer. Writer. Understander. Thinker. Advocate. Connector - jacqelle lane
Sarah Phelps
Sparker. Facilitator. Trainer. Writer. Understander. Thinker. Advocate. Connector.
I was introduced to Jacqelle by the Nebraska State Education Association during my Legislative Campaign in 2022 and am I glad we got connected. Her direct advocacy work with educations and teachers speaks volumes to her career and passion. I also had the opportunity to participate in her Podcast, Education with an Edge, which centers around mental health, bullying, and mentorship for youth in our communities. It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to be back and continue to support all that she does.
Michael Young
Father, Community Advocate, and Information Technology & Cyber Security Swiss Army Knife.
I have counted it one of the most precious gifts to have been introduced to Jacqelle Lane. I now have the privilege of having worked with her and I cannot say that I know of another educator who is likewise an author, speaker, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate, mental health coach and an anti-bullying advocate. Jacqelle has an impressive and lengthy resume (to include both work experience and degrees earned) and has worked over the past 2 years championing inclusive policy at the local, state and federal levels in order to carefully and intentionally architect change for the betterment of society. She also has launched campaigns and released two youth/ children books in the same 2 year time span. Just as the policy she advocates for, her books offer voice to youth of all kinds, but especially those who are underrepresented, under-served and marginalized (to include those of color, those with ability-related needs and those who identify as apart of the LGBTQ+ community). Jacqelle is a committed leader with an immense amount of professionalism and compassion. She embodies a remarkable level of diplomacy and is a dynamic presenter. I am most confident that any professional, entity or organization fortunate enough to share space with her or seeking her services will be impressed upon delivery.
Mynesha Spencer - jacqelle lane
Mynesha Spencer
Equipping corporations with the knowledge, competencies and resources to enable space for all people.
As an employer of over 350 people I can spot great team members, leaders and dedicated employees very easy. Jacqelle Lane has the skill set that an employer would dream of. She cares more than her industry requires, her work ethic is admired by her peers and her passion is displayed daily. She is always thinking of what is best for her students and how she can make an impact in their lives. She would be an immediate role model in any career she enters because of her positive mindset to be the best she can possibly be not just once in a while but always.
Van Deeb a Motivational / Inspirational Speaker / Author And Success Coach - jacqelle lane
Van Deeb
Motivational / Inspirational Speaker / Author and SUCCESS Coach.
Jacqelle is an exceptional colleague and advocate for all children, which I was able to witness firsthand at Davis Middle School. She is personable, dedicated, passionate, and forward-thinking in her approach to all tasks. Her experience and methodology make her a strong candidate for any position or organization.
Pamela Rowley a Reading Specialist - jacqelle lane
Pamela Rowley
Reading Specialist
There are few people I know that display the level of work ethic and passion that Jacqelle Lane does. I have known her personally and professionally for several years and can attest to the fact that she is completely devoted and committed to her work as an educator and mentor to our youth. She goes above and beyond for her students, selflessly giving of herself whether it be a small cake to celebrate her students' accomplishments or providing school supplies for those students that do not have the means to purchase them. Jacqelle possesses the level of integrity and dependability that I look for and value in business partners making her a tremendous asset to any team lucky enough to have her. Jacqelle plays an integral role in shaping the culture of the school by serving as a member of the MTTS-B committee, which is charged with creating a restorative and positively reinforced school behavior plan. Jacqelle has been an integral part of this committee; attending conferences, researching classroom management strategies, and leading teacher training sessions. Jacqelle has proven to be a motivated, forward-thinking professional and is an asset to any pursuit she undertakes.
Deanna Hizon the Head Of Global Executive Escalations At Linkedin- jacqelle lane
Deanna Hizon
Head of Global Executive Escalations at LinkedIn
Jacqelle is a brilliant professional that communicates easily with any age group, gender, or occupation. She is very determined to be the best at whatever she does. Without a doubt, she can excel in any position as she has the intelligence, drive, motivation, and positive attitude that skilled leaders possess. I have known Jacqelle since she was a young child and personally observed her professional growth with great pride. She would be a tremendous asset to any non-profit or community organization.
Deborah Gilg the Former Us Attorney | Keynote Speaker | Trained Arbitrator And Mediator - jacqelle lane
Deborah Gilg
Former US Attorney | Keynote Speaker | Trained arbitrator and mediator
Jacqelle has been an enthusiastic team player so far at City Impact and has demonstrated hard work, strong initiative, strategic thinking and strong marketing accumen with a fresh perspective for her work to date.
Mike Friend - a Sales Consultant At Applied Systems - jacqelle lane
Mike Friend
Sales Consultant at Applied Systems
When I think of someone who embodies going above and beyond, Jacqelle Lane comes to my mind. She has a passion for helping others and especially being an advocate for her students. Jacqelle truly cares and often spends extra time before and after school helping her students succeed. She is also willing to mentor fellow educators in any way that she can. I have known Jacqelle personally for over 10 years and could not recommend her enough. Jacqelle embodies hard work, a caring attitude, and positivity and will bring those qualities forward in any project.
Carrie Olson a Talent Recruiter - jacqelle lane
Carrie Olson
Talent Recruiter
Jacqelle is an accomplished educator who excels at every project she takes on. She has exceptional communication skills and a tremendous ability to mold the message appropriately for her audience, using humor and adult learning styles to reach her listener. Jacqelle is the person you want in the room when you are discussing multiple perspectives and when you are working to influence decision-makers; she is calm and personable, making cogent points that intricately weave facts and personal stories to influence the listener. She is great at working with any team but can also be given a program or task and meet all goals independently, diving into the research and actions needed to be successful. Jacqelle was very receptive to all feedback and was great about reaching out for help when needed. She is an exemplary employee is who is self-directed, team-oriented, and goal-focused.
Maddie Fennell the Executive Director At The Great Lakes Center For Education Research And Practice - jacqelle lane
Maddie Fennell
Executive Director at The Great Lakes Center for Education Research and Practice
I have had the pleasure of working with Jacqelle Lane for the last four years now in the Omaha Public Schools. Jacqelle's can-do attitude and dedication are second to none. Whether it is volunteering for a committee or putting in extra hours with students who need her most, Jacqelle is a consummate professional. Jacqelle's passion for learning is clear in her continued educational goals and is inspiring not only to her peers but to her students as well. Jacqelle is an inspiration to all who have the pleasure of meeting her. She is one of the most motivated people I have personally ever met and her energy is contagious. Jacqelle would be an asset to any organization her professionalism and expertise are superior and I would highly recommend her.
Katie Cyr a Teacher At Omaha Public Schools - jacqelle lane
Katie Cyr
Teacher at Omaha Public Schools
I had the great fortune of being Jacqelle's colleague. She immediately stood out to me as a person who has a persistent and unwavering focus on driving success for herself and those around her. On a regular basis I saw her work with both adults and youth who on their bad days could be challenging, obstinate, or flat out difficult. Jacqelle always maneuvered these situations with grace, determination, and a smile on her face. I was continually impressed with her professionalism; her ability to champion what was best for those with whom she worked while always exhibiting a positive and infections disposition. In a short period of time, she became a good friend and confidant who was quick to support and listen when I needed it most. She was always there for a great laugh or an infectious story as well. Most importantly, she wanted to celebrate the successes. I have fond memories working with Jacqelle, and highly recommend anyone jump at the opportunity to work with her or partner with her.
Todd Pernicek, PHR, SHRM-CP Senior Insights Analyst At Quantum Workplace - jacqelle lane
Todd Pernicek, PHR, SHRM-CP
Senior Insights Analyst at Quantum Workplace
I have been a colleague of Jacqelle’s for the past four years at Alfonza W. Davis Middle School. I have witnessed her ability to positively impact her students as well as add to the overall success of the school. Jacqelle is skilled in creating a nurturing and positive classroom where every student is given the opportunity to excel and have their voice heard. She is able to create strong relationships with her students and promotes inclusivity. Jacqelle is also an asset outside the classroom where she serves students by assisting the Drama Club and Pep Club. Jacqelle plays an integral role in shaping the culture of the school by serving as a member of the MTTS-B committee, which is charged with creating a restorative and positively reinforced school behavior plan. Jacqelle has been an integral part of this committee; attending conferences, researching classroom management strategies, and leading teacher training sessions. Jacqelle has proven to be a motivated, forward-thinking professional and is an asset to any pursuit she undertakes.
Chad Sturek - a teacher at Omaha Public Schools - jacqelle lane
Chad Sturek
Teacher at Omaha Public Schools