Jacqelle has always been an avid supporter of arts in education. When she was growing up Jacqelle was invested and participated in several activities ranging from dance, piano, vocal music, and theatre.

Jacqelle attributes much of her success in high school and college to retaining her participation in the arts and encourages her students to get involved even at a very early age. Jacqelle even created all of the illustrations for her book “From Bully to Bestie” and finds the arts to be a great therapeutic strategy in dealing with stress and anxiety for both children and adults alike.

Jacqelle is a strong advocate for arts in education and programs that support funding for students to be able to have access to art in public schools. It wasn’t too long ago that arts in education were a privilege afforded only for the affluent and unfortunately many programs including art and music were cut to create more space for standardized curriculum.

Jacqelle is a champion for change and for students who for whatever reason do not have access to the arts. Creating a space where children can write and perform their poetry and share it in a supportive and safe environment is one of the reasons that Jacqelle became a teacher.

In Jacqelle’s opinion, she believes that in today’s rapidly changing society we need to be teaching students more than ever to think with the creative side of their brain. Children need to know how to play an instrument, practice the discipline of dance and kinesthetic body movement, and know-how to paint beautiful pictures.

Jacqelle is passionate about the art of the written word and works to incorporate poetry and song into her work as a 6th grade English Language Arts teacher making the curriculum more enjoyable and understandable for her students and bridging the gap across many cultural and socioeconomic divides.