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Avid supporter of arts in education.

Jacqelle attributes much of her success in high school and college to retaining her participation in the arts and encourages her students to get involved even at a very early age. Jacqelle even created all of the illustrations for her book “From Bully to Bestie” and finds the arts to be a great therapeutic strategy in dealing with stress and anxiety for both children and adults alike.

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The Book:
From Bully to Bestie.

From Bully to Bestie” is a guide for students, teachers, parents, and counselors on strategies that students can use to cope with bullying behavior and create more positive behaviors along the way.

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What They’re Saying...

Jacqelle is a brilliant professional that communicates easily with any age group, gender, or occupation. She is very determined to be the best at whatever she does. Without doubt, she can excel in any position as she has the intelligence, drive, motivation and positive attitude that skilled leaders possess.”

– Deborah Gilg, Mentor, Former US Attorney, Keynote Speaker

Jacqelle is an exceptional colleague and advocate for all children, which I was able to witness first hand at Davis Middle School. She is personable, dedicated, passionate, and forward thinking in her approach with all tasks. Her experience and methodology make her a strong candidate for any position or organization."

– Pamela Rowley, Former Educator/Colleague

Jacqelle Lane has the skill set that an employer would dream of. She cares more than her industry requires, her work ethic is admired by her peers and her passion is displayed daily. She is always thinking of what is best for her students and how she can make an impact in their lives. She would be an immediate role model in any career she enters because of her positive mindset to be the best she can possibly be not just once in a while but always."

– Van Deeb, Mentor, Motivational Speaker & Author

There are few people I know that display the level of work ethic and passion that Jacqelle Lane does. I have known her personally and professionally for several years and can attest to the fact that she is completely devoted and committed to her work as an educator and mentor to our youth. She goes above and beyond for her students, selflessly giving of herself whether it be a small cake to celebrate her students' accomplishments or providing school supplies for those students that do not have the means to purchase them."

– Deanna Hizon, Mentor

I had the great fortune of being Jacqelle's colleague. She immediately stood out to me as a person who has a persistent and unwavering focus on driving success for herself and those around her. On a regular basis I saw her work with both adults and youth who on their bad days could be challenging, obstinate, or flat out difficult. Jacqelle always maneuvered these situations with grace, determination, and a smile on her face. I was continually impressed with her professionalism; her ability to champion what was best for those with whom she worked while always exhibiting a positive and infections disposition. "

– Todd Pernicek, Former Educator/Colleague

I have witnessed her ability to positively impact her students as well as add to the overall success of the school. Jacqelle is skilled in creating a nurturing and positive classroom where every student is given opportunity to excel and have their voice heard. She is able to create strong relationships with her students and promotes inclusivity. Jacqelle has proven to be a motivated, forward thinking professional and is an asset to any pursuit she undertakes."

– Chad Sturek, Educator| Colleague

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